Journey Builder Setup

Add the Journey Builder endpoints to Nibs

Merge the Journey Builder Hello World template into your Express app in Node. Make sure the Journey Builder endpoints match the ones you defined when you created your app in Exact Target.

Setup in ETMC

First you will need an ETMC account with Journey Builder enabled. You will also need an account at

Note that domain of your Nibs instance on Heroku, for example:

This is the base address for most of the endpoints in the Journey Builder config.

Setup the app in code@ExactTarget

Login to and select Create New App.

Choose a Marketing Cloud app.

Setup Application Event Callbacks

Click Edit, and set these endpoints:

Login URL: https://<nibs app>
Logout URL: https://<nibs app>
Home URL: https://<nibs app>

Create custom trigger

Define a custom trigger you can use to start a journey based on an action taken in the Nibs app.

Click Create a new Journey Builder Trigger

Fill out the form as follows:

field value
Name In-app action
Key jb-inapp-trigger-nibs
Description Journey trigger based on an in-app action
Endpoint URL
Help URL
Help Description In-app action
Select a Category Trigger
Public Extension This application and other installed applications

And now click Save

Create custom activity

Click Create a new Journey Builder Activity

and complete the form as follows:

field value
Name In-app action
Key jb-survey-nibs
Description Create simple survey for people to take inside their mobile app
Endpoint URL
Help URL https://.com/ixn/activities/hello-world/help
Help Description Configure two survey questions with a question and set of answer choices.
Select a Category Messaging
Public Extension This application and other installed applications

Click Save

Setup the data extension for your trigger

Login to the marketing cloud:

Select Data Analytics -> Contact Builder

Click Create an Attribute Group. Enter the name In-app Trigger.

Now click Link Data Extension

Click Data Extensions from the right-side list and find and select the one named jb inapp trigger nibs.

Now click Contact Key in the left list, and alternativeEmail in the right list. And now click Save. Go back to Data Designer and you should see your In-app Trigger attribute group linked off of Contact with its 3 attributes.

Create your Journey

Now we're ready to open Journey Builder itself. Click New Interaction.

Enter a name for your journey, like 'In-app survey 1'.

Click Select a Trigger, and select the In-app Trigger, and click *Next.

Now enter the key value survey. This value is indicated by the Nibs app when the user opts-in to take the survey. Now click Save and Done.

On the canvas, set the time interval to minutes.

Now drag an instance of our Custom Activity called In-app Survey to the canvas, to the Immediately column.

Click Configure on the activity.

Now enter the question text and answer choices for the two survey questions.


  • Can you find the user's email address on the support page?

  • Is the email of the user in the All Subscribers list? If status page says "Failed" this indicates the email is missing.

  • Is the user still 'in' the interaction? The 1 minute wait can sometimes take multiple minutes. Check the Activity Log on support page and make sure the last state isn't 'Waiting'.