Reference Architecture for eCommerce on Heroku

FIX is a sample responsive web application that demonstrates how to build ecommerce systems with open-source frameworks like Ruby on Rails that seamlessly integrate data with Salesforce.


Track all your customer information and interactions in one place. The #1 CRM solution takes sales and support automation to new heights, with the power to grow with your business.

FIX synchronizes customer, order, and product data with Salesforce.


Heroku makes the processes of deploying, configuring, scaling, tuning, and managing apps as simple and straightforward as possible, so developers can focus on what’s most important: building customer experiences.

FIX uses Heroku to run the Ruby on Rails app and all of its supporting services.

Heroku Connect

Using bi-directional synchronization between Salesforce and Heroku Postgres, Heroku Connect unifies the data in your Postgres database with Contacts, Accounts, and other standard and custom Salesforce objects.

FIX uses Connect to instantly reflect customer and order data as Salesforce records.

Spree Commerce

The Spree storefront offers a full eCommerce feature set and is built on common web standards. Many eCommerce apps on Heroku use open-source projects such as Magento, OpenCart, or Spree to power their customer experience.

FIX uses a customized version of Spree to produce the eCommerce experience and processes.

The FIX project demonstrates how to implement an eCommerce site using open source technologies and Salesforce.

eCommerce Features

  • shopping cart
  • modular payment gateway integration
  • inventory control
  • sales tax and shipping cost calculation

Salesforce Features

  • complete customer record
  • order history including line items
  • seamless integration of eCommerce operation with existing Salesforce deployments